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oose Cargo Transportation from Ports and Airports
This service requires special coordination and consideration of two very important aspects. The Customs Agency needs to have all documentation and the deconsolidation of the cargo has to be preplanned. Once those two aspects are ready, CargoTruck coordinates the date, time and place of the cargo transportation directly with the Customs Agency. As soon as the cargo is dispatched, we notify our customers so in turn they can control our transit process, to meet the requirements and high standards of professionalism of our company.

Your cargo will always travel safe with our company, backed by our insurance policies, renewed annually with Chile Chubb General Insurance Company.


ur Containers Tracking Service is coordinated with the Customs Agency with which we maintain direct communication.

Trucking service for oversized cargo:

We have flat bed trailers for both domestic and international cargo transport with oversize and/or overweight.

Types of Trucks:

There are different types of trucks, according to various the cargo dimensions and weight, with both long and short ramps, based on the clients’ requirements. There are 6-axis trucks with a maximum load of 30 tons (net weight, excluding the weight of the cargo containers), as well as 5-axis trucks, up to 25 tons. 6-axis trucks can also have short ramps, which are usually requested by customers with very little space to unload.

These are all factors to consider before you hire a Container Transportation service:

Cargo Insurance:

It is important to have a good insurance policy, also backed by a company’s experience and history. This is an essential aspect of this service because your cargo will be covered for any accident that may occur during transportation.

Return of Empty Containers:

Once vacated by the customer, containers may be returned (on account of the Service) either to Santiago or in any port, chosen by the customer. This means that customers can take a percentage of the freight fee agreed to cover this return.

Finally, the model and look of the cargo truck must be in accordance to the corporate image of the company, providing the service.